How have you worn your baby today?

Daily Carry Reminder!
Carrying our babies in this way is a birthright! Do your part in sharing the tradition by wearing your baby daily. Even if only for a few minutes, wrap your baby in the love of our ancestors by carrying them in cloth.


Babywearing as a Parenting Tool

This mama has things to do. Babywearing has been the number one tool in my box of tricks to get it done. How do we do it?

Race Relations and Babywearing

It's no accident that when you search for any type of "babywearing" or carrying, you will see mostly white faces. This is because of the great theft that all indigenous peoples have endured through colonization. Let's discuss this.


Back Carrying is my Jam

Even when my babies are tiny, I love a good back carry. It's the easiest to get around, once you get comfortable and confident. Your hands are actually free. Why are so many people scared to back bitty babies?


Soft Structured and Safety

Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a wrapper, through and through. But SSC (or soft structured carriers) are super easy, safe, and comfortable. Let's get into why you should have one in your stash - if you're into that type of thing.


We Stan a Good Torso Carry!

I've been wearing babies for nearly 7 years! That's amazing for someone who thought they would never have kids. During this time, I've tried so many carries. I keep coming back to this one, and never realized it wasn't a "real thing" until recently. Without further adeHere's my unpoppable, wiggle proof, Bennett Back Carry.


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